Myths vs. Facts

Myth: People with an Intellectual / Developmental Disability (ID/DD) cannot have a mental illness since their behavior is due solely to their developmental or intellectual deficits.
Fact: As many as 40% of people living with ID/DD also live with a mental health concern.
Myth: You can quickly and easily solve mental health concerns by yourself.
Fact: People with ID/DD can have complex mental health issues that can require comprehensive treatment that may include assessment, education, behavioural intervention and medication.
Myth: People with ID/DD are not able to be active in their own treatment plan and need others to identify what is right for them.
Fact: People with ID/DD are able to be active participants in their own mental health care.
Myth: People with ID/DD will struggle with mental health and their disability their whole lives.
Fact: People with ID/DD recover from mental illness and live fulfilling lives.
Myth: It is very challenging if not impossible to identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness in the people with ID/DD.
Fact: People with ID/DD do present with common signs and symptoms of mental illness as professionals, caregivers, family and the individual need to be aware.

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